Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Intake Overview

Step 1 Volunteer Application

Potential volunteers must apply online http://www2.vcn.bc.ca/volunteer. Descriptions of current volunteer positions are also listed there.

Step 2 Volunteer Screening

The volunteer application is reviewed by VCN and if the applicant is a good match, they will be contacted for an interview. An email invitation is given with the dates where the potential volunteer can come to VCN for an interview.

Step 3 Volunteer Interview

Interviewees signed up for their interviews on the VCN reception desk clipboard. Interviews are done on a first come-first serve basis, during the interviewing periods. If we accept the potential volunteer, they will be invited to shadow at least 1 volunteer shift.

Step 4 Volunteer Shadowing and Volunteer Training

Volunteer Shadowing

 The applicant should come down to the helpdesk and shadow and observe at least 1 volunteer shift. This is done so applicants can see what volunteering at VCN is like, and be given the opportunity of continuing or turning down the volunteer position. When coming to the helpdesk, the applicant will introduce themselves and tell the helpdesk volunteer(s) that they are observing/shadowing.

Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training begins from volunteer shadowing.  Volunteers are taught the basic skills needed for their shifts and signup for a VCN account. Volunteers should also signup for their shifts on the  Volunteer Calendar.

By volunteering at VCN, applicants agree to the Volunteer Agreement.

Step 5 Volunteer Shifts

Volunteers should start their shifts with another senior volunteer. Current VCN Volunteers will mentor new volunteers and assist them as they learn on-the-job. New volunteers will use the volunteer checklists to guide their learning of essential skills. Volunteers are promoted to Level 1 and Level 2 as they complete the checklists. After attaining Helpdesk Level 2, volunteers can pursue other areas in VCN, such as Network Admin.