I’m Shadowing

After being accepted during the interview, you will shadow a volunteer shift. The whole purpose is to experience working at VCN and give you the chance to decline the position if you don’t like it.

As a Shadower you should:
– Observe/Assist another volunteer in the normal, day-to-day operations.
– Ask another volunteer is you can help them with checking the voicemail, answering phone calls, calling back users, helping people register, help in finding answers to user’s problems using the website and the internet.
– Browse the VCN website and VCN Volunteer site to find out more about VCN, the services we offer and what VCN is like.

Help desk gets busy, if you have questions they are most likely answered in the following 2 websites. If not, write your questions down so you can ask a volunteer when they are not busy.

VCN website
VCN Volunteer site