Helpdesk Level 1

Helpdesk Checklist Level 1

This checklist is made to ensure that volunteers learn all of the skills needed to help users with VCN resources.  You may ask any volunteer for clarification about a task. When you have experienced all tasks listed below, then you have completed this level.

See the Volunteer Training GuideVolunteer Manual, and Help for aid.

Remember, the helpdesk priorities are:

  • First: Help people who walk in the help-desk office.
  • Second: Check Help Desk Voicemail.
  • Then: Answer telephone calls.
  • Last: Try to resolve RT requests and/or record requests in RT.

Request Tracker

Utilize Request Tracker to manage the requests (tickets)

  • Login WebRT using your VCN volunteer account.
  • Click help from queue and then click Created.
  • Create a new ticket.
  • Process Voicemail tickets.
  • Reply to user by email from Actions.
  • Add comments for VCN internal information.
  • Resolve the tickets.
  • Identify spam tickets and move them to the Spam queue.
  • Change the subject of a ticket.
  • Check daily report of users with large inboxes.
  • Search relevant tickets with key words (ticket number, name, email or phone number) and status (resolved, pending or new).

User Accounts

  • Register a user for an Individual account.
  • Register a user for a Group account.
  • Process a request to reset a password.
  • Resolve a request related to an incomplete registration.
  • Resolve a request to delete a VCN account.
  • Change a user’s address.


Process Cash Donations

  • Collect cash donations.
  • Record the donation amount in the Money Database (on the desktop).
  • Print out a temporary receipt to a member.
  • If you need to give a change, get change from the admin.