Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

VCN treats the work of all our volunteers very seriously. The intent of this agreement is to assure you of our deep appreciation for your services and to indicate our mutual commitment to ensuring your volunteer experience here is productive and rewarding for you and the Vancouver Community Network.

Vancouver Community Network

We, The Vancouver Community Network, agree to accept the services of the volunteer and we commit to the following:

  1. To provide adequate information, training, and support for you to be able to meet the responsibilities of your position.
  2. To provide credit for your work and on-going feedback on your performance.
  3. To offer options, such as training sessions or referrals to online and community resources, to enable you to enhance your experience and your ability to perform your duties and contribute to the Network.
  4. To respect your skills, dignity, and individual needs to the best of our ability.
  5. To be receptive to your comments regarding how you can best accomplish your work.
  6. To treat you as an equal partner with staff and other volunteers, jointly responsible for the accomplishment of our vision, mission, goals and objectives.
  7. To provide you with unlimited access to your VCN account following one month’s reliable service.
  8. To provide you with a Statement of Volunteer Service confirming your volunteer status following one month of continuous, reliable volunteer service or the equivalent in hours or duties performed.

I, the Volunteer

agree to serve as a volunteer for the Vancouver Community Network and commit to the following:

  1. To perform the duties of my job description to the best of my ability and to seek authorization before proceeding with activities outside my job description.
  2. To attend required training sessions, read and contribute to online and print information, and take advantage of other resources that are offered to enable me to enhance my skills, experience and contribution.
  3. To share in accountability for maintaining the security of the VCN system and the confidentiality of information about the VCN, its users, staff and volunteers by adhering to VCN rules and procedures.
  4. To abide by the standards set out in the VCN User Agreement: specifically, I will not use my volunteer position for the purposes of developing commercial or professional relationships with users, members or organizations of the VCN.
  5. To meet my commitment to perform volunteer services for four hours per week for a minimum of three months and/or to complete assigned tasks and projects.
  6. To complete Activities Records and other reports and documentation as requested, including an Exit Survey.
  7. To act at all times as a member of the team responsible for accomplishing the vision, mission, goals and objectives of VCN.
  8. To treat everyone with dignity and respect and to help maintain and demonstrate the VCN’s commitment to the principals of human rights policies and legislation.