Please see the VCN Website for an overview of VCN Services offered.Dialup Services “PPP access”

  • Line is Busy – VCN is a shared resource so lines sometimes can become full. See MRTG (link at right side) to see how many people are online and if the lines are working.
  • Drop connections, Computer didn’t answer, etc – when one of the dial-in modems starts to fail, they can drop the line, connect then disconnect, connect but doesn’t transmit any data, etc. These symptoms are intermittent, but re-dialing usually solves the problem.
  • Invalid username/password – See Password Reset

Email POP3, IMAP and webmail

  1. When the server is busy, it stops the mail service, until the server becomes idle again. This will prevent people from sending email occasionally, though should be fixed with the hardware upgrade and should only occur very rarely.
  2. A 100 MB mailbox limit is enforced. Users are given a warning at 95 MB. If they reach 100 MB, any additional incoming email is rejected until they reduced their inbox size.
  3. Most common are misconfiguration of pop3/smtp server settings OR they’re using another ISP to send mail. See for more info. – POP3 or Incoming Mail Server – SMTP or Outgoing Mail Server – Webmail access via SquirrelMail

Webspace & FTP

We don not offer website creation services. We do however offer to create website templates using WordPress. Refer clients to the internet where they are millions of website tutorials.

See for more info.

Mailing Lists

See,, or

Text Access & Telnet

A few people use text dialin access. text dialin, telnet and putty all access the text system, so you’ll know if it doesn’t work, because VCN volunteers and staff use it everyday at the office.

Public Access Internet and Computers

Programs & equipment provided AS-IS. VCN is not responsible for teaching people in the use of these computers. Equipment problems should be logged into jobjar queue in RT.

Please go to Public Access Internet and Computers Sites for more information about this service.

Web Hosting Service

VCN provides the following Web Hosting Service. Please place tickets concerning this service in the sys-admin queue of RT.

1.  MySQLDatabases

Some groups have a VCN hosted MySQL database.

2.  CGI & PHP

VCN doesn’t provide help for any CGI/PHP programs. Groups should contact the developer for help. For other questions regarding this service, assign ticket to the sys-admin queue of RT.

3.  WebGUI

Server problems should be assigned in the sys-admin queue of RT. For web design/training issues, refer them to WebGUI’s built-in help and discussion boards.

Refurbished Computer Distribution

As part of the agreement, VCN provide NO support for these computers. They are provided AS-IS to groups ONLY.