VCN Services

Please see the VCN Website for an overview of VCN Services offered.

Dialup Services aka PPP access

Phone numbers for Dialup Internet – 90 min session time (Disconnects user if they stay for 90 mins in 1 dialup session. They can attempt to re-dial in after wards. Allows fair access to all users)

604-638-0189 (Indiv) 47 lines
604-638-0195 (Group) 47 lines
604-638-1365 (Alternate) 23 lines

Email POP3, IMAP and webmail

Every VCN user has an email, accessible using any of the three methods. – POP3 or Incoming Mail Server – SMTP or Outgoing Mail Server – Webmail access via SquirrelMail

Groups may have domain name emails at VCN. These still use regular VCN accounts, which are aliased to the domain name address. The VCN username and password are used to access the domain name’s email, just like a regular VCN email address.

Virus Filter

All email coming into VCN is scanned for viruses. Infected messages are automatically removed. Users should not rely on this service, but on internet common sense or safe practices, as no virus scanner in the world is 100%.

Text Access

The text version of the internet, came before the regular internet people use today (PPP). Internet Access via legacy dial-up programs like, Telix and HyperTerminal. Provides access to text system (the same system you access with putty). All lines still support this type of access.


Telnet access is provided and gives access to the old text system at VCN.

URL: telnet://

Mailing Lists

Sympa Mailing lists ( has replaced the old majordomo and mailman list software

Only VCN users can create lists, but any one can use them. After creating a list, user’s must wait for approval of the list, before it can be fully active. In the meantime, they can configure their list to their liking.

The lists are used in 2 ways:

Webspace & FTP

Accounts must have a “webdata” folder for their website to work. This is their website root directory – individual websites – groups websites

Groups may also have domain names hosted at VCN:
The domain name is linked to a groups VCN account’s webdata directory

Users upload webpages, images, etc using FTP to their webdata directory.
login/username: VCN login (for hosted domains also)
password: VCN password (for hosted domains also)

Users may use Internet Explorer to upload files using the link ftp://[email protected]/

Community Access Sites

Public Internet Computer at VCN: 30 min limit.  PC with scanner (and printer if available and has ink). PC has MS Word. Programs & equipment provided AS-IS. VCN is not responsible for teaching people in the use of these computers.

Web Hosting Service

VCN provides the following Web Hosting Service.

1.  Mysql Databases

Some groups have a VCN hosted mysql database.

2.  CGI & PHP

Some groups have CGI enabled directories for CGI scripts/programs or PHP enabled directories for PHP applications.

3.  WebGUI

Open source content management system (CMS) hosted by VCN from

Refurbished Computer Distribution

Groups submit an online application for refurbished computers, hardware only no operating system provided.