Password Reset

Password Reset Requests

Error 691: User’s password does not work

Check the following:

  1.  Do a user search and see if the VCN account exists and is validated.
  2. Check if the correct login is used. If their VCN email is [email protected], then their login is some_name, the first part of their email. It is common for users to think that their email address is their login.
  3. Passwords are between 6 and 8 characters long.
  4. It must have at least one letter and one number.
  5. Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE, if their password is in UPPER CASE, they must also enter UPPER CASE letters at login time. So BIG ‘B’ is not the same as little ‘b’.
  6. Make sure the CAPS LOCK is off.
  7. Erase the password and re-type it again if it was previously typed in an email software or login forms.
  8. Turn off the computer for 10 seconds, restart and try to connect again.
  9. Available lines are 604-638-0189, 604-638-1365 and 604-638-0195, users can now use any line.
  10. Password changes are instant.

Password Resets for Individuals

Users request password by either coming to the office with picture ID, or phoning the helpdesk at 778-724-0826.

The user has the option to choose their own password as long as it adheres to the rule above: it must a) contain at least a letter and a number,  and b) between 6 and 8 characters long

  1. Use the Terminal to access the Vancouver CommunityNet Administration System and choose option 4) Reset password for user
  2. Follow the prompt as the system asks for (mother’s maiden name and birthday).
  3. Give a new password different from user’s previous password.

Password Resets for Groups

The authorized person of the organization must send us a signed letter on the group’s letterhead stating:

  • The full name of the group and their login id
  • They are the authorized group contact for their VCN account
  • They are writing to request a password reset
  • A phone number where they can be reached to establish their identity
  • and their preferred password

scan the letter and mail to VCN help desk ([email protected]). The sys-administrator will call you when we have received the letter. Wait 3 to 5 business days for the password to come into effect. If you have problems after that, call the helpdesk at 778-724-0826.
Note: Password resets take into effect after 6PM.