Getting Help

Getting help

Scope of Helpdesk Service:

VCN volunteers have the right not to provide assistance to issues outside the scope of VCN services.

The VCN Helpdesk can help:

  • Register Users
  • setup dialup connection to VCN
  • setup email program to send and receive VCN email
  • help users access VCN services like:
    • help them send/receive email using webmail
    • connect using telnet/putty
    • access the mailing lists

VCN Help Desk Volunteer should ask the walk-in User sign “User Release and Waiver of Liability” before helping the User to set up  dial up on their computer/laptop (a form is available in Document Library)

Sources of help:

  • Search the volunteer manual
  • Search VCN Help Pages
  • Search the problem on, eg “error 691” or “Relaying denied”. You can try other search engines, computer-related forums, since millions of people use internet programs, so someone online is bound to have run into the same problem.
  • Ask and work it through with your co-workers
  • Send an e-mail: [email protected] or create a request in Request Tracker with as much relevant info as possible.

The VCN DOES NOT help:

  • teach how to use windows, word, excel and other software not related to VCN services.
  • debug/fix/write webpages
  • debug/fix/write cgi/php programs
  • setup advanced features in internet programs.

Give user’s broad referral’s of help:

  • See the software/manufacturer’s help manual
  • See the software/manufacturer’s online support
  • free online sources of information
  • online discussion groups
  • buy-sell groups
  • the person who sold/gave them their computer
  • yellow pages
  • computer books at library
  • computer courses at educational institutions
  • Free Geek