Individual and Organization Donations

This guide works for both individuals and organization donations.

  • If someone donates $15 or more, they are signed up for membership for one year.
  • If the donation is less than $15, proceed to record the donation without signing them up for membership.

Warning! Many people try to give us old equipment that is below the requirements of the wish list. Be prudent about checking the equipment meets our requirements. Refuse to accept the equipment, and let them know VCN is unable to use it.

A donation cannot be anonymous, make sure to have the address of the person who donated and update any personal info if necessary.

Logging in

  1. Ask your supervisor for Google Authenticator code.
  2. Log into WordPress CiviCRM with the provided name, password.

Username: [email protected]

Password: “password is the wireless password”

If you are already logged in and you are not in New Donation page, click here.

Verify new/existing membership

  1. Do a quick search to see if the person or organization has registered in our database yet. To do this, click on the Search icon on the top left corner and select Find contact
  1. Enter the person’s last name or first name or Email address in the Name or Email box
  1. A: If the person or organization account existed, click on that account name and then click on the membership tag. Then change the status of membership by selecting Add Membership. If not, skip this step. Instruction for filling in donation information can be found in the next step after creating a new membership.
  1. Fill in the information in the form and click Save. For more details read the Filling in donation information.
  1. B: If the membership is not found. We need to create a new one. On the top left corner, click “New Membership” under the Memberships. If the membership is not found. We need to create a new one. On the top left corner, click “New Membership” under the Memberships

Filling in donation information

For the text fields in the New Membership page:

  1. For the field “Contact” find the person or organization by:
  • Type last name and first name and selecting the right contact ;
  • Type organization name and selecting the right contact, or
  • Type anonymous and selecting the user ANON, ANON (with a space after the comma) for anonymous users
  • Most likely, you need to create a new contact by clicking “New Individual” or “New Organization” in the drop down menu. Fields with red star (*) are required fields.
    If the wrong contact was chosen, simply re-type the correct contact.
  1. For the field “Membership Organization and Type“, select VCN Member and choose price set.
  • Choose the proper price set. For example, input 1 before $25 if the donation is $25. (check the Total Amount value to make sure you have entered the correct amount)
  • For the field “Source“, leave  empty (VCN does not use this field).
  • For the field “Payment Method“, select as either Cheque or Cash.
  • For the field “Cheque Number“, leave empty. Input the cheque number if payment method is Cheque.
  • For the field “Transaction ID“, leave empty.
  1. Click “Save

Printing Tax Receipt and Finishing

You should now be on the contact’s Donation page:

  1. Find the latest donation that you had entered and click on “View
  1. Click on “View” again Tax Receipt Button
  1. Click on “Tax Receipt“, do not click on “Cancel Tax Receipt” on the next step.
  1. On the WebRT, click “help-notice” and then click “created” to find the your ticket about tax receipt, and then print 2 copies of tax receipt.
  1. If the donation is cash: give one copy of tax receipt to client and use paper clip to clip another copy of tax receipt with the cash. Put it in the donation drawer
  1. If the donation is a cheque:
    1. Stamp it on the back where it is labeled “Endorsement – Signature or Stamp” with the “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY…” stamp.
    2. Write down “Donation ID“, find from either “Receipt No.” (which has extra 0s) or “Donation(s)“.Donation id for this is example is “8738”Back of the cheque with the stamp and number
  1. Put the receipt and donation in one envelope and give it to your supervisor.
  2. To add another donation click on”Donation”  and click on “New Donation”Create new donation
  1. When you finish, click on the CiviCRM icon at top beside contract search bar, then click on “Log out”CiviCRM Log Out

Issues/Other information

  • If you cannot find the donation you just added click on “Donation” and click on “Dashboard“:Find new donation
  • If you accidentally clicked on “Cancel Tax Receipt”, ask your supervisor to cancel the donation and redo it.

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