New Account Problems

If a user’s account “doesn’t work” and they registered for it recently do a user search in Terminal for their account.

If the account is validated as TEXT it does not have sending privileges.  Receiving email and uploading webpages do work.

  • If the account cannot be found, double-check the username that is registered online. If you cannot find any account in Terminal, it means they haven’t registered online. Tell them about the whole registration process and remind them to provide a valid ID so that we can activate their PPP access.


If you cannot resolve the problem, i.e. missing online, picture ID, etc, log the problem and the details into RT and contact the user.

New validated PPP accounts work after 6PM. If it is a new account, tell them to try after 6PM.  Otherwise, ask for the error message, promptly find the solutions in the help PAGES or search for them on