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Helpdesk Level 1

Helpdesk Checklist Level 1

This checklist is made to ensure that volunteers learn all of the skills needed to help users with VCN resources. See the volunteer manual or for help in completing the tasks. You may ask any volunteer for clarification about a task. When you have experienced all tasks listed below, then you have completed this level.

Remember, the helpdesk priorities are:

  • First: Help people who walk in the help-desk office.
  • Second: Check Help Desk Voicemail.
  • Then: Answer telephone calls.
  • Last: Try to resolve RT requests and/or record requests in RT.

User Accounts

  • Register a user for an Individual account.
  • Register a user for a Group account.
  • Process a request to reset a password.
  • Resolve a request related to an incomplete registration.
  • Resolve a request to delete a VCN account.
  • Change a user’s address.


Process Cash Donations

  • Collect cash donations.
  • Record the donation amount in the Money Database (on the desktop).
  • Print out a temporary receipt to a member.
  • If you need to give a change, get change from the admin.