Tax Receipts

Tax receipts for money donations

Tax receipts for memberships and donations (totalling over $25) are issued in February. Tax receipts are issued to the name on the cheque and sent to the address which is currently in the VCN Money Client database.

What to do if a tax receipt is reported missing or lost?

  1. Ask the person’s full name, address, phone number and login.
  2. Check if the person’s address is the same as in VCN database (Go to shortcut of Money Client database on your desktop).
  3. If the person has a new address, enter the new address into the database.
  4. Then, look for the returned mail in the box with returned mails on the Help Desk. If you find the returned mail, place the original tax receipt into a new envelope, put the new address on it, and give it to the staff for mailing.
  5. If the person’s address is the same as in VCN Money database and the database shows that the person’s donation was equal or more than $25 for the last calendar year, you should ask staff to issue a duplicate.

The information about the missing tax receipt and new address should be placed on RT (cc staff).

Tax receipts for credit card donations

Tax receipts for donations made by credit card through will be issued by Canada Helps and usually sent by email to the user making a donation. Refer a user to the Canada Helps contact information at their website:

Tax receipts for equipment donations

Tax receipts for equipment donations are issued approximately one month after the equipment has been donated. Check the status of this equipment donation in RT and see staff if it is still outstanding.