Resolve RT Instance

Start resolving problems with the oldest Action date. Once again, it is vital that you log all your actions in Request Tracker. Important points:

  • Focus on what you know. If you have special expertise, sort requests regarding those types of problems and go to it. Document all your actions and recommendations so other volunteers and users can learn from you and begin to solve problems for themselves.
  • Focus on resolving problems. Any action on the request changes the Last Action time stamp, so changing administrative functions (like subject) gives the false impression that action has been taken and puts the problem lower in the priority for real action.
  • Be professional and respectful in all your entries (goes without saying, but.. just log the facts and your recommendations).

RECENT REQUEST (less than 1 month old)

Many of the helpdesk questions are answered in this Volunteer Manual and the VCN helpPAGES. If the request has enough details, try to find an answer to the request using these resources to resolve it. If the user didn’t give us enough information to solve the request, email or call them back and ask for more information. If you call them back, give them their ticket number and ask them to this number when they call back. Then resolve the request, so it doesn’t show up in the open queue. This make it easier for others to see the requests that still need attention, instead of having to check each one to see if a volunteer has already followed up on it. If they email back, RT automatically reopens the request and if they call back with their ticket number, we can reopen their request manually. If you know the answer to the request, then call back and document the solution in RT, or email the solution (RT records the emails sent and received), then resolve the request, since the answer to the request has been given and also to clear it out of the queue of open requests

OLD REQUEST (more than 1 month old)
Email request: Reply to the user and if they still need help, ask them to reply back to your message. Then set the status of the request to resolved. If they reply back to the email, RT will re-open the request.
Phone request:

  • Call the user back and ask if they still need help. If they do, get the relevant information and details of the problem and try to resolve the problem. Otherwise add this information to RT.
  • If you leave a message, leave the RT ticket number of the request and tell them if they call back, to refer to that ticket number. Also ask them to give us an update on the problem, if they still need help with it. Then set the status of the request to resolved. If they call back, they should give us their ticket number, so we can reopen their request.