Registering a Group Account

Sign up for Organizations

The online registration portion can be done using any computer connected to the internet, for example at work, school, libraries, Terminal and public access terminals. Please ask the group’s representative to enter on the form their names as it appears on any valid picture ID, utility bill or personal cheques, for us to verify later if they want PPP access.

If the group has an existing account and wants to upgrade to graphics (PPP), go to Part 2: PPP Activation.  We will ask for a valid picture ID or cheque to activate an account for (dialup) PPP access.

Please refer telephone and email inquiries to the website for complete information.



  1.  Seat the person at a public terminal.
  2.  Show them how to open an internet browser and go to
  3.  Show them the “Sign Up!” link.
  4. Point out the “User Agreement”. Make sure they read and understand this, as they will have to agree to the terms on it.
  5. Click “Sign up for Organizations”
  6. Explain how to fill in the password and login id. Remain available for questions or problems. Ensure they have clicked the Submit button and seen their ‘successful registration’ information.
  7. Suggest to the person to jot down the information on “Successful Registration” page on a piece of paper and keep it for their record.
  8.  Close the browser when finished. This is done to clear user information out of the browser’s cache.


  1. Bring the group’s representative into the helpdesk office.
  2.  Use the Terminal to search for the group’s name and verify the status of their acccount. If they wish to have another account, ask them to register for another account.
  3.  Check if the contact name shown in the Terminal matches the group’s representative’s ID or cheque. If the names don’t match, ask them to repeat the online registration procedure again.
  4.  Ask if they are able to make a donation ($300 = LARGE BUDGET; $100=MEDIUM to LOW BUDGET; $25-50=LOW BUDGET). Follow the instructions in if they wish to make a donation.
  5. Give them the appropriate HelpPage for setting up their connection. Tell them about the help section on the website if they need help. They can also call the helpdesk at (778)724-0826 or email us at [email protected], if they have problems with setting up the dialup connection.
  6.  Tell them about our training sessions on Mondays for basic computer operation.


  • Groups are allowed to have more than one email account. If the group representative wants to add another user for their organization , they can refer to getting extra email accounts for information.
  • Dial-up and internet services are free, and it is not mandatory for the users to make a donation to VCN in order to have their PPP access activate. However, VCN rely on donations to support its operations. Always ask the person for a donation whenever they request for a PPP access.