NA Checklist

Network Admin Routine Checklist


  • Test lab and office printers work by printing off some VCN HelpPAGES for setting up the internet, using a lab and office computer.
    If not, put up a sign on printer and log problem to RT as a ticket.
  • Check printers have toner remaining.
    If not, put up a sign on printer and log problem to RT as a ticket.
  • Check printers are filled with paper.
    If not, put more in.


  • Check virus scanner logs on helpdesk computers to see if it has scanned the computer.
  • Check defragmentation logs on helpdesk workstations to confirm disk has been defragmentated on its weekly schedule.
  • Check spyware scanner logs on helpdesk computers to confirm successful spyware scan.
  • Check Trend Micro, AVG, McAfee or Symantec websites for new viruses and find out what changes, updates, etc., need to be done to protect against them.
  • Check for new Windows XP critical updates on helpdesk workstations.
    If available, install the updates.


  • Use the image map to see the network and orient yourself.
  • Check DHCP by releasing and renewing an IP lease on a workstation.
  • Check local area connectivity by pinging one or more office servers.
  • Check Internet connectivity by pinging an Internet website.
  • Check availability of VCN services by pinging
  • Check previous week of kern.log file on Firewall Server for signs of hackers, unusual traffic, or new viruses (Webmin: System Logs).
  • Check logs for notification of problems. (Webmin: System Logs).
  • Check for adequate disk space, free memory, and swap space (Webmin: Custom Commands).
  • Check for hung processes (Webmin: Running Processes).

Typical tasks to perform

  • Build and test backup workstations for helpdesk.
  • Cover a helpdesk shift.
  • Assess market value of donated equipment.
  • Disassemble computer and replace parts.
  • Install and configure WINXP on a computer.
  • Process a computer request from a group.