Join Network Admin

An Intro to Network Admin Position

What is Network Admin?

Network Admin is also know as the by a few other names

  • Network Administration
  • Network Support
  • Net Admin
  • NA (abbreviation of Network Admin)

but they all refer to the Network Support Position that is described at


What does a Network Admin do?

A network admin volunteer generally takes care of VCN Office network and workstations, that same as an IT department does for a company. So typically things you would do as a network admin are:

  • Monitor and administrate office servers.
  • Maintain computer workstations
  • Diagnose and fix network problems
  • Resolving problems with computer workstations
  • Re-install Windows XP, install hard drives, CD-ROMs, modems, printers, etc
  • Maintain network printers

Once all these maintenance tasks are dealt with, network admin volunteers can begin working on their projects found in the  Help Desk shared drive. These can include

  • building a Linux server
  • setup and evaluate an open source application like Sympa mailing lists (
  • researching and evaluating technology and open source applications, like RSS, wireless, VOIP
  • automating virus scans on workstations
  • Website design and development


Sounds interesting, so how do I join?

First of all you should already be a VCN volunteer and should have worked about 4-5 shift on the helpdesk. We require this because all the network admin duties and projects are related to VCN, so volunteer’s must have an understanding of what VCN is doing and how the projects fit into VCN’s operations. You should have also told us during the interview that you are interested in Network Admin.

Second, you must be able to commit to a 8hr/wk shift at VCN. We prefer you come for a full day shift, such as Monday’s, but you can also do two 4hr shifts, such as every Tuesday and Friday afternoons. The rationale for this 8hr requirement is so there is always a network admin volunteer on shift to attend to any computer or network problems, immediately.

Thirdly, you must be able to do the following things

  • Be able to install Windows programs, like Adobe Acrobat, email programs.
  • Be able to install Windows XP on a machine
  • Be able to install hardware like memory, network cards, CD-ROMS, hard drives, etc
  • Be able to install drivers for peripherals

If you don’t know how to do some of the following, you should learn how to do these before joining the team. These skills are core to network admin as you usually need to perform these skills regularly.