Helpdesk Systems

VCN Systems

These are the list of systems and tools which volunteers need to be familiar with in order to help and provide service to the users. Some system requires that one have a valid access privilege set up before they are able to help the user sufficiently.

1. Request Tracker : WebRT

2. VCN Account


5. Webmail

6. Sympa Lists

Setup PPP Validation on your VCN Account

When someone comes for PPP, you will validate their account after they have registered online.

  1. Ask a system administrator to grant you validation access to the terminal
  2. Login to your VCN account
  3. At the main menu, press ‘1’ for “Adds and Remove PPP services from an account”
  4. Enter a login ID when prompted
  5. Press ‘a’ to add OR ‘r’ to remove PPP services
  6. Enter ID type user presents
  7. Enter name on ID and confirm that it is correct
  8. The registered name and ID name will appear on screen.  The two names are to be checked and confirmed to match.
  9. After typing ‘y’, PPP services shall be added to the account.

VCN Mailing Lists

How To Get Connected To The Official VCN Mailing List:

1)  Compose an e-mail to [email protected]; the subject would be “subscribe vcn-volunteers”.

2)  The administrator of the group would notify you about the VCN events that are upcoming.

VCN WebRT Tips:

When you are to use WebRT for the first time you must request access from your supervisor.

For help, please contact [email protected]