Handling Equipment Donations

Equipment Donations

People interested in donating equipment to VCN should email VCN at help AT vcn.bc.ca with the full specifications of the equipment or goods. Network Admins, when you see the email in RT, do the research to find out whether the equipments meets the requirements of the our Wish List http://www2.vcn.bc.ca/hardware. Post you comments about the model specs and whether it meets our Wish List or not. If it doesn’t tell them we are unable to accept their equipment

Warning! Many people try to give us old equipment that is below the requirements of the wish list. Be prudent about checking the equipment meets our requirements. Refuse to accept the equipment, and let them know VCN is unable to use it, if its older than our Wish List items. You can refer them to the City recycling yard or landfill.

Arrange a time when the person can bring it to VCN and inspect the equipment with you, the Network Admin. Donator must be present so they can take the equipment if we don’t accept it. If it is older than the equipment listed on the the Wish List, refuse to take the equipment. Make sure the equipment works and meets the Wish List requirements.

If the person wants a tax receipt, you’ll have to do some additional research. First make sure we accept the equipment. Search through ebay.com and find at least one completed auction (bidder has purchased the item) for equipment that is as similar as possible, in terms of speed, etc. Print out the specs of the ebay item with the date of purchase, final bid price, etc