Enabling outgoing email access

  1. Use Terminal to verify if the person has an existing account.
    • If the person is verify by email or phone then call the person back using the phone number they used to register.
    • If the person is in the office ask for photo id, a cheque in their name, or a utility bill with their name.
  2. If the account is old and is already activated for PPP you can still active the account again. Activating the account again will enable any new features.
  3. Check if their names they said on the phone, on the ID, cheque or utility bill matches the ones shown on the Terminal . If the names don’t match, ask them to repeat the online registration procedure again.
  4. Once the account it activated it can take up to 1 hour before they can send out emails.
  5. Ask if they are able to make a donation ($40 – FAMILY; $25 – SINGLE; $15 – LOW INCOME). Follow the instructions in https://volunteer.vcn.bc.ca/donations if they wish to make a donation.
  6. Give them the appropriate Help Page for setting up their connection. Tell them about the help section on the website if they need help. They can also call the helpdesk at 778-724-0826 or email us at [email protected], if they have problems with setting up the dialup connection.