CAP Computers

CAP Computers

See Public Access Internet and Computer Sites for more information about the Community Access Program (CAP) and other CAP sites in the Lower Mainland.

Public Access Site Acceptable Use Policy


These public access terminals are provided jointly by the Vancouver Community Network. The purpose of this Community Access Site is to facilitate access to the Internet for VCN users and members and the broader public.

The vision statement of the Vancouver Community Network (VCN) states that “VCN strives to be an inclusive, multicultural, community-based organization that ensures free, accessible electronic creation and exchange of the broadest range of information, experience, ideas and wisdom.”

Users should be conscious that they are in a public space where everyone is entitled to feel welcome and safe, and should consider other users, staff and volunteers of the VCN  when accessing Internet content. Terms of use of the VCN System is governed by the Vancouver Community Network June 1999 User Agreement.

Access to the terminal:

    • Use of the terminal is limited to the hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. At 3:45 pm, users are reminded that the office will be closing in 15 minutes and that they must start finishing up their work. Users must vacate the building by 4:00 pm.
    • Use of the terminal is a shared privilege available to everyone equally. Users are asked to limit their time to 30 minutes and should immediately log out when a new user arrives after that time.
    • Users should be aware that they may be asked to suspend their use of the equipment for administrative reasons or technical maintenance.

Use of the terminal and equipment:

  • Users are responsible for the information they choose to access, send, or display on the terminal, and should not use the site for illegal, harassing or other activities prohibited in the VCN User Agreement posted at the terminals.
  • Users may not install, run or use their own software on Public Access equipment.
  • Users who wish to save their work must bring their own disks. Work saved on the hard drive is deleted daily.
  • Users must use the virus scanning program provided to check their disks before using them in the Public Access equipment.
  • Users handle the equipment and software at their own risk. Any loss of data is the responsibility of the user.
  • Users take responsibility for appropriate use of the software. The VCN Volunteers and staff are not responsible for teaching the use of software applications, but will assist with problems encountered in using the Internet and VCN accounts where they are able to do so. Internet Training Sessions are provided on a regular schedule.
  • Users are asked to conserve paper and limit printing to 5 pages.
  • Users should report problems with the equipment to a volunteer on duty.
  • Changing hardware configurations, deliberate damage to hardware, software, documentation, and hacking will result in loss of Public Access privileges.
  • The VCN , the Board of Directors and staff, and any institutions with which they are affiliated, will not be held responsible for any claims of any nature arising from use of the Internet, or from inability to use it.