AVG 7.0 Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing AVG 7.0

Open Windows Explorer

go to Officeserver\data1\software\Windows\Antivirus\Avg

If asked for a password, use data1

Open the text file AVG 7.0 license number by double
clicking on the icon. Select and copy the license number
(select (highlight text) then Edit -> Copy with the
mouse or <Ctrl>-C with the keyboard).

Close the text window (click on the X in the upper right

Double-click on the icon avg70f_206 to start the
installation wizard.

Click to agree to the license terms.

When it asks you for a license key or license number,
right-click on the mouse and select “paste”
(left-click on paste) or <Ctrl>-V from the keyboard.
Click Next.

When it tells you where AVG is being installed, check
that the location makes sense.
(default: C:\Program Files\Grisoft\Avg7 usually
works fine). You can browse to another location.

Then click next.

When it says it’s done, say yes to restarting the computer.

When it asks about updating this program, select update
and internet.

You will be prompted to install the update.

After you have installed the update, run avg to scan
the hard drive for viruses. The scan takes about ten

Then you’re done.